Your Ruth Kelly Story

There are two kinds of neighbors: those who keep to themselves and act as archipelagos, and those who are invested in their cultural landscape and social fabric.  Ruth Kelly is of the latter kind.  I have known her for a little over a decade now and in many ways I think our success as a community has to do with this mindset and people like Ruth Kelly and her husband Carl.  I am glad to have them as neighbors and, most importantly, I am happy to support her re-election to the Grand Rapids City Commission.

Juan Daniel Castro, Neighbor


Ruth Kelly is a remarkably effective public servant–thoughtful, responsible and responsive.  With her deep understanding of the issues and her ability to bring diverse individuals and groups together to solve problems, she is an invaluable asset to the Second Ward and the City as a whole.

Dottie Clune, former County Commissioner


Ruth is dedicated to our neighborhood and shows her commitment through full participation and engagement in every neighborhood event.

Amy Mitchell CNA board member and north end neighbor


Since meeting Commissioner Kelly on her first campaign, I have been fortunate to work side by side with her on many projects and see a first- hand example of altruistic leadership and the resulting inspiration.

Whether it be in a business setting or a neighborhood setting, Commissioner Kelly’s poise and clear vision are often an understated foundation in any project she is involved.

Larry Zeiser, former Chair of CNA, business owner


Ruth is truly the epitome of a public servant. She is highly in tune with the needs of her community, and goes above and beyond what is requested of her as a City Commissioner. I’ve seen her get dirty with local tree plantings, take critical feedback from her peers and neighbors and fiercely debate issues that effect her ward. Ruth is a life long learner, passionate leader and a vital asset to the City of Grand Rapids.

Austin Dean


Ruth is a personal friend of mine.  Even if you don’t live in the 2nd Ward, I hope you will consider supporting her campaign. She is honest, fair, and committed to making Grand Rapids a better place.  Ruth listens and she does not make decisions unless she is well informed.

Rae Bunce


“Ruth is the epitome of a hard working, effective City Commissioner. She is responsive to constitute needs, willing to tackle the tough issues, and invests countless hours in her role as the 2nd Ward Grand Rapids City Commissioner. Thank you for your leadership, wisdom, listening ear, and foresight! I look forward to supporting in the upcoming election!”

Tyler Nickerson


“Ruth Kelly is more than my City Commissioner, she is a community leader who has a passion for the City of Grand Rapids, and the neighborhoods she serves. During my time as Co-Chair of East Hills Council of Neighbors, she worked closely with the neighborhood to ensure our goals and vision were represented on the City Commission. She has been responsive to the needs of our community and has worked hard to represent all of us in her position as 2nd Ward Commissioner.

I look forward to continuing to work with her in her next term. ”

Josh Leffingwell


Upon moving to Grand Rapids in 2009 and subsequently becoming a community organizer in the metro area, I was pretty “green” to the landscape and relay di not know many people whom could speak to the potential of Grand Rapids! Well, as fate would have it, I contacted City Commissioner Ruth Kelly to meet and greet with me about housing and transit issues. The information I received, as we sat enjoying a CB & fries was invaluable. I realized I was engaging a passionate public servant who had vast organizing experience and worked from a “people-first” mentality! “Our jobs are about serving the public and building community!”  she said. Well, I have had the pleasure of witnessing and working with her to do just that since then, and I, as is Grand Rapids, are the better for it!

Aric Coleman


From crime prevention organizing to environmental protection, Ruth has always listened to the voices of the community and supported their efforts to keep our neighborhoods safe and healthy places to live and work.

Ruth has a gift for getting people involved. As a long time friend, I always say “Uh oh! If Ruth Kelly is involved, soon enough and I’ll be involved.”

She has helped me stay active as a volunteer in so many good efforts, and I thank her for it.

Deb Wickering


We had a big dying Elm tree in our front yard near the street, but our street has no sidewalk so we thought it was our tree.  I mentioned it to Ruth and asked if she knew if the City owned the tree.  In the meantime we scheduled a time with a tree service to have it removed.  On the morning of the removal day I got a text from Ruth that the City did own the tree and would take it down.  Within a couple months the City did remove the tree.  Thanks to Ruth for her dedicated service and for saving us an expensive tree removal bill.

Ric Maycroft


“Ruth Kelly is a dedicated, reliable, and responsive public servant. She is committed to our City and Ruth will help ensure Grand Rapids continues to be a community recognized for its can-do, collaborative spirit. She has consistently impressed me with her follow-through and ability to bring together stakeholders from across a wide variety of backgrounds and interests to tackle important community issues.”

Lee Mueller


“When I think of Ruth Kelly as a commissioner the first  thing that comes to mind is COMMITMENT. Ruth is committed to taking the time to consider all angles on an issue, talk to the  people concerned and formulate a reasoned opinion. She is not only the right person for the 2nd Ward but also for the entire city.”

Don Smalligan